Smoking has been around for all of history but vaping is new it’s as unique a community as you can find.  If you vape, you love to vape and it’s more than simply smoking.  At tightwad tobacco, we get that your choice of smoke is as much a part of who you are as the food you love, the car you drive and what you do for fun.  We are your neighborhood vape shop and we have been here a long time.  Our staff cares about your preferences and what makes what you smoke, so great!


We carry the very best quality liquid as well as premium liquids with a large variety of flavors.  We carry new vape kits as well as parts for customizing your vape, so if you are new or if you are an old pro, we have what you need.  Are you using vaping to choose another smoking product?  Our specially trained staff can help you transition with advice and reccommendations.


E-Cigarettes and “vapes”

  • Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are products that deliver a nicotine-containing aerosol (commonly called vapor) to users by heating a solution typically made up of propylene glycol or glycerol (glycerin), nicotine, and flavoring agents.”
  • The Oxford English Dictionary recently added “vape” to the dictionary, actually naming it Word of the Year for 2014, with the definition “Inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.”
  • Vapes come in many different forms.
    • Vapor Cigarettes, which bear close resemblance to a traditional white and tan cigarette.
    • Vape pens, which are long, stylized tubes that bear close resemblance to a fancy pen.
    • Cloud vape pens, which are thicker than other vape pens, and connect to a differently styled inhalation device.
    • Even more. Human creativity appears to be boundless, and designs for vapes are no exception.