We believe that every smoker deserves to have the best product, the best service and custom attention to their tastes and preferences. There is no shortage of places to purchase tobacco and related products, but we believe that you should get more. It’s not just saving money, it’s being part of a community that knows you and cares when you come in. It’s about having custom blended tobacco that exactly fits you and your taste. It’s about Vape products that perform the way you want to smoke. It’s about premium cigars that are priced for everyone to enjoy. Really, it’s about the smoke shop that’s a part of your neighborhood. That’s why we are here for you!

Expert Customer Service

Premium Products


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For over a decade, Tightwad Tobacco’s 5 locations have been serving their communities by providing a unique place that is tailored to you.  Whether it’s our expert staff that is always waiting with a smile or our willingness to ensure you get the smoking experience that fits your lifestyle, we know what matters and it’s you!

We know you can buy cigarettes anywhere but we are committed to providing the BEST.  If that’s your preferred brand state minimum prices or our farm fresh tobacco with fewer chemicals that is custom blended to your taste, we believe you deserve the best product for any budget.

Our TECs (Tightwad Experience Coordinators) can help you find the right products, exclusive Custom Proprietary Tightwad Tobacco Blends and guide you through our 70/70 walk in humidors stocked with a premium selection of Cigars sure to satisfy the most discriminating Cigar Palate.  In many of our location our TECs can also introduce you to other Tightwad Community Customers who have formed their own  Embassy Clubs of Pennsylvania who can provide you the opportunity to join other Smokers in a not for profit Social Club that can provide access to multiple clubs and amenities including the Roll your Own Machines that allow their members to turn their Tobacco purchases into a finished carton of RYO cigarettes in just 8 minutes! While the Embassy Clubs is a separate Not for Profit in 4 of our 5 locations (Erie, Hermitage, New Brighton and New Castle), Tightwad Tobacco leases to them so that the TIGHTWAD customer has easy access to further enhance the smoking experience.

Customized Proprietary Tobacco Blends – Over the Years our more than 10,000 smoking customers have helped us develop customized tobacco blends using Smoking G, OMG and Kentucky Select bulk tobaccos to develop blends that mimic and satisfy the taste of all commercial brand cigarettes to the satisfaction of 95% of those who try them. These less harmful blends do not contain more than 1000 chemical additives that are in the products of BIG Tobacco.

70/70 walk and wall Humidors –  Premium Cigar smokers know that if you keep Cigars at 70 Degrees and at 70% humidity, that like fine wine, they will keep for a very long time and even improve with age. Each of our locations has large well stocked Premium Cigar Selections in our walk in Humidors to satisfy the tastes of new Cigar Smoker and the Cigar aficionados.  We also have all the products to store, protect and smoke you Cigar investment on the spot or when the time is right.

Smoking lounges – While we sell Coffee and snacks in our stores, we also allow our customers to use our Table and Lounges to pick up food and beverages and to bring lunch or dinner into our locations to eat, smoke and drink where the people at the next table are not giving them dirty looks. Our Large leather couches, big screen TV and dining tables are perfect for 4 to 8 smokers to meet and socialize.

Partial Product and Services List:

  • Premium Customized Tobacco Blends you can get nowhere else
  • Premium Cigars
  • Vapes and Juices
  • Commercial Cigarettes and Impulse Cigars at the lowest Prices allowed by law
  • Western Pennsylvania’s largest selection of smokeless Tobacco Products at the lowest prices
  • Smoking Accessories
  • Coffee
  • Pop
  • Snacks
  • Introductions to members of the Embassy Clubs of Pennsylvania who will invite you to join them
  • FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS in your no judgement community where everybody knows your name and their always glad you came