Roll Your Own Cigarettes

    We carry a complete line of:
    • “Farm Fresh” tobacco blends including Smokin’ G Tobacco
    • Various Non-FSC Rolling tubes
    • Top brand rolling machines, from hand powered to electric!

    There are many benefits to rolling your own cigarettes:
    • Savings: If you smoke a pack a day, you can save about $1,275 bucks a year.
    • Health: Our tobacco and tubes are free of all artificial chemicals that you find in brand name cigs.
    • Pure Tobacco: No filler added. Just pure tobacco the way it was smoked for 100’s of years!
    • More Flavor: Since our RYO tobacco is 100% Farm Fresh, it retains all the flavor and nuance that is lost in the highly processed tobacco found in manufactured cigarettes.
    • Smoke Less: Taking time out of your day to roll your own cigarettes increases the value of each cigarette in your mind which causes you to conserve them more. This conservation also adds to the $ savings!
    • It’s Easy!: Rolling your own may seem difficult or daunting but that simply isn’t the case. We could tell you but it’s much better to just show you.


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