What’s in a manufactured cigarette:

Big Tobacco companies use a concoction of about 50% tobacco and 50% filler (See video below for more info). They artificially add nearly 600 different chemicals to their tobacco. At least 50 are known to be carcinogenic and many more are poisonous. Some of these chemicals, whether intentional or not, serve to increase the potency and addictiveness of the nicotine in the tobacco as well. New regulations in the US have also required that all manufactured cigarettes be fire safe (aka FSC). The chemical used to make the cigarettes fire safe (ethylene vinyl acetate) is also used as carpet glue which we think is disgusting!

The Farm Fresh Difference:

Our Tobacco is 100% pure additive free tobacco that comes from a family farm. Absolutely no chemicals or filler is added so you get a pure tobacco experience all the way through. The nicotine potency in our tobacco is not artificially enhanced and people have even used our blends to break their chemical addictions to manufactured cigarettes and their tainted tobacco. It’s not what is in our tobacco that makes it better, but rather what isn’t in it.


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